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Saturday, June 30, 2007

Village Life and Such

Hey hey hey, what's going on? Nothing much in Ouahigouya, just relaxing on a Saturday afternoon. Heard the Blazers took Oden. Good, just what I wanted. Hopefully when I get back, they will be an upper echelon team and Oregon will be excited about Rip City again! Oh, and congrats to the Beavers for an unprecedented back-to-back national championship in Baseball, right on!

Things are good here in Burkina. I have still yet to become ill (knocking on wood currently!). My family is well here and my language comes along, doucement! I can and tend to move at a snail's pace with it, not ready to abandon my English just yet. I can comprehend a lot more, so I am stoked. It's funny to be with my family and hear them code switch between Mooré and French. It makes it difficult because I comprehend so little Mooré. Oh well, in due time.

So, the village trip with Christina and Zach to Komsilga was awesome. It's a sometimes lovely half-hour bike ride north of Ouahigouya. A storm was approaching us as we rode out. It was so beautiful, the sun was completely visible through broken clouds as it set, laying Baobab shadows across the clay desert African ground. Then, we got into village and Christina introduced us to everyone, most people speaking Fulfuldé, a local language. I just kept saying fofo (don't know how it's spelled) which means thank you. Then, we played card games with a bunch of kids in Christina's cabana. It was surreal. I kept telling myself, TIA, this is Africa. The lightning that night was incredible. After cards, we walked to Yaneth's section of the village to meet the others. The village elder greeted us in immaculate Burkinabé French. When I rose, he thought I was older like himself! He thought that because of the shaved head! He then went on to say how myself and my buddy David were the strongest Peace Corps members he had seen. He was a warm host and a great guy, can't wait to go out to Komsilga again and talk more with him.

The lightning that night was great too. I got a good shot of a bolt cracking well behind a baobab tree. About pictures, it is hard for me to upload stuff, so I am looking for ways to do it in a more expeditious way. Don't worry, you guys will be getting a visual of Africa soon!

Well, much love goes out. Take care and let's all remember: Obama in '08 baby!


Alfredo Moreno said...

Awesome write-ups man...keep typing away, I'm enjoying the read!

Peace brother.


Robin said...

Hey Mac, Your blog is cool. Sounds like you're doing awesome. You'll be fluent soon. Keep it coming, Love You!

Geraldo said...

Power to you brother. Spread the love and peace.

Evan said...

I'm so proud of you! You truly are an inspiration. I'm proud to call you my brother.

Oh by the way, Dad's been raiding your closet. He's looking sharper than ever!
Love you, miss you,