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Saturday, June 23, 2007

The Sights of Africa

Lot's of cute little kids, some rolling spent tires down the clay road for fun. Others just loitering around. Lots of Zach Randolph jerseys. Hell, mon frère Ismail has one. Saw a Rod Carew #7 the other day, that was funny. Goats, sheep, pigs, some suckling in the middle of the road. Ouahigouyans pumping water from the well. A row of Muslim brothers bowing to the East in unison. Crazy marché. Pops, we may have thought that one in Santa Elena was nuts. I think in your travels you may have seen other things like it, maybe Iran, maybe some casbah locales like in Morocco or something. I miss you dad.

Things are good here. Everyday I learn something new, comprehend more. I get to teach a 15 minute leçon le lundi en Anglais, puis un 15 minute leçon le vendredi en Français. Kinda freaked out for that one.

But yeah, lots to see in Africa. The Burkinabé are wonderful too. So hospitable, so interesting. I am going to the village tonight with mon amie Christina. My first African village experience, gonna blow my mind. I promise, pictures to come. Things are always frantic here. C'est la vie.

Hasta la vista


Iraqi Mojo said...

* Full name: Burkina Faso
* Population: 12.8 million (via UN, 2006)
* Capital: Ouagadougou
* Area: 274,200 sq km (105,870 sq miles)
* Major languages: French, indigenous languages
* Major religions: Indigenous beliefs, Islam, Christianity
* Life expectancy: 47 years (men), 48 years (women) (UN)
* Monetary unit: 1 CFA (Communaute Financiere Africaine) franc = 100 centimes
* Main exports: Cotton, animal products, gold
* GNI per capita: US $400 (World Bank, 2006)
* Internet domain: .bf
* International dialling code: +226

Life expectancy is 47 and 48 years?? Damn.

Nick said...

Burkina Faso has the lowest literacy rate too, at 12.8%.

Anonymous said...

How was village? Crazy huh? And Christina's village really is in the middle of nowwhere, isn't it? I giggled when I saw it, because I would have never suspected it to be there. You should get Adlai or someone to take you to the other villages too - its worth the trip. You city people are lucky... Okay, I guess as a states person, I am most lucky. But whatever. Miss you!