Big Up from Aribinda

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Comme ci, comme ça

Hey hey, what's happening? I am having a good time over here. Everyday is new and I must take advantage of the time I have. My family is great, they actively help me by posing questions to me from lists I create. Outside of language class, there is other homework. But most of my time is spent studying beaucoup de Français! There is only work and study it seems, but my family is so great that they help me pass the time with ease. I keep saying I got lucky. My family is just flat out awesome.

We are starting to do small training sessions where we get up and teach other stagiares, stagiares being my fellow trainees. Tech advisers and trainers also critique us. I hope to teach chemistry and math. I do not want to teach such a high level of physics that i mess up the kids, meaning they have to re-double a grade, Burkinabé for retaking a whole block of classes. It's hard here for the kids. Not many teachers. I was au marché aujourd'hui and saw Africare. That made me happy. Maybe some more Africans can go to school and some can be educated about AIDS. The more people get educated, the more opportunity they will have, heck yeah!

Well, language session calls. Encore, beaucoup d'amour y hasta la vista!


Iraqi Mojo said...

I just learned why you titled your previous post "the land of upright people" after reading the Wikipedia entry on Burkina Faso. Very interesting.

So Mac, you're going to teach math and physics too? I thought it was just chemistry.

Jeremiah said...

Salut Mac-
J'espere que tous va bien pour toi. Ton blog est tres interessant et j'envie a visiter Burkina Faso. J'apprend le francais maintenant aussi (mais tu voit, pas trop bien). Tu peux m'envoyer un email a, mais seulement en francais! :)
a bientot