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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Teaching, en Français

So, I continue to teach in French. The kids are pretty good, they pick up on a lot of things. Some of the things you would think they know about they don't. Heck, some of the things in academia kids pick up on in the States involve fleeting commentary on the TV or something they see online. With so many more media sources and influential media that there are in the States, some kids have clear-cut advantages to learning. Words here and there, resources you take for granted. A troisieme class (approx 9th grade), filled to the max with 120 students, is difficult to teach. This is also the grade where they take the BEPC, the test they must pass to qualify for the lycée, the equiv of our high school. The only subjects on the BEPC are the ones the kids learn that year. So, every grade up until then is still extremely important.

There are so many other obstacles to kids learning here. Most of the country lies hidden in darkness during the night because there isn't much electricity. So, if kids lamps run out of kerosene, they don't get to study. Then, some kids live 10 km away from school. So, they have to travel, sometimes by foot! Infrastructure, media variety, and overall resources are huge factors to kids' performance. There aren't enough teachers either, did I mention that?

Well, I plan on making a difference. I need to hook it up with some more nonprofits, get some solar panels and batteries for the lycée in Aribinda. That way, maybe I can teach study hall too. Give the kids extra incentive to learn, not just get the things they need for survival everyday, another huge task. If you can't get the things needed pour la vie, who gives a shit? Gotta eat, and it's hard enough to get water here, take my word for it.

The people here will always be here, living a hard life. I know they must help themselves, but no country has ever done it alone. There have always been helping hands. Let's help Africa people!

Beaucoup d'Amour!

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t-mos said...

a most encouraging and positive post! the desire and need for you to take action is apparent in your post and quite extraordinary given the circumstances. i can't wish you enough wellness man!!! but i'll do my best. thanks again for all that you are doing, inspiring is certainly an understatement. pass on the message to your fellow stagiares too!

awesome stuff man! good luck and keep on keepin on!