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Thursday, July 26, 2007

Sick Again

I hate getting sick here. Nothing is that comforting. You feel as if you lay in a bed you have never been in. Everyone speaks a language you can't understand, to a certain degree. Really, one of the only things bolstering you is the rally cries from you fellow stagiares. Thank goodness for them.

Teaching intro chemistry now, combustion reactions to 8th graders. I guess it's just combustion. My French level makes it interesting. I have only been here for close to 7 weeks, so I haven't given up yet. I need more study time. My vocabulary is so bad, that's the main thing stopping me. But it's hard to study when you're sick, your diet is completely shot because you're sick and you hate the food in the country that seems to reject you everyday with something. Also, you are woken up by torrential rain slapping the piss out of your tin roof, or you gotta run to the latrine, parce que tu est malade encore.

Can't wait for stage to be over. Yet, it is an important part of the journey. Just a few more weeks, that is what I tell myself.

OK, time to go study, or do something constructive. Much love goes out to all the Leos too, Happy Birthday my fellow cats of large stature!

Much love from Son Sagesse,



b said...

I'm sorry to hear that you've been feeling so sick, still. It is undeniably a drastic change to your entire body and mind. And being immersed into a very different culture, trying to grasp the language makes it even more challenging.

Take care of yourself and keep sight of the tremendous good you are doing. I am in awe of what you are doing daily.

Oh, yes... your birthday is approaching. Ah, that reminds me of French class last summer when I brought donuts in to celebrate your birthday! Didn't Mme. McCullough make us sing to you in French? :) Good times. And many more ahead!!


b said...

By the way, I love that you quote Chris off Northern Exposure on your blog. Not only is the quote very apropos, but that is such a great show!!