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Sunday, February 8, 2009

The Scourge of All Humanity Has Finally Left The Building

This poem/blog was written 21 January

Hi. I sat in village, au Canal, and watched the inauguration (l’inthronisation en Français) with some villagers and some friends. It was a joyous occasion for me. I got to see Obama take office and I got to watch “Le Cafard” (the cockroach) mosey off into the sunset. I celebrated Obama and jeered Bush and Cheney every chance I got. I was more entertaining to the Burkinabé there than the event itself!

I had to write this poem. I still like to tell the villagers that I despise George W. Bush and his inane, incomprehensible policies. His thoughts (or lack there of) have set America, and the world, back in a lot of ways. Yes, not all of the problems were his doing, he may have done well in a few areas. But jeez, talk about a cockroach!

Oh you, the decider, a purveyor of lies
How you have caused the tears
Of so many wives

But not only wives
For tears have been shed by Vietnamese eyes
Libyan eyes, Egyptian eyes, Iraqi eyes,
Jordanian eyes, Afghan eyes, Pakistani eyes
Your fellow citizens eyes

For you hoped to mask your prevarications
From the whole world with machinations untold
With such a feebleness of mind, a smirk so bold

You are the quintessence of persona non grata
You possess a brain of no worth
Your idiocy has left problems, a quantity
Far less than a dearth

A damaging, wicked, fait accompli
You have trespassed in this world
Performed acts of inhumanity

You went around the globe
Always mendacious, always misleading
Refugees, the destitute, their numbers
Went skyrocketing, went leaping

And the whole world suffered
During your reign of error
America’s name suffered
Enduring your unconscionable acts of terror

And all of your damage wrought
Will never be known
You, the decider
How many body bags have you sent
To so many homes?

I think the title of my blog says it. I don’t have to say anymore. To waste more time on someone I wish I could call a cipher would be just that, a waste.

Much love. May we never be inflicted by pains like this ever again by an incompetent leader. May we choose more wisely. (Yes, I am lecturing, and remember, I never voted for the cock-a-roach!)


Anonymous said...

THANK GOD HE IS FINALLY GONE! I'm proud to say I voted for Obama.
Isn't it insane that the most powerful nation on the planet elected the biggest idiot of all time. Let us pray that our elected officials start making logical decisions once again and we as citzens are never again blinded by the ideology of corrupted politicians.

For all of us in Oregon, we miss you very much. We can't wait to see you again. Love ya Bert

Lysisca said...

Bonjour je ne parle pas tres bien l'anglais alors je fais mon commentaire en Français peut être le comprendrez vous. Vos photos sont superbes ça donne enfin, pour ce qui est de lire les textes il va falloir que je prenne du temps pour comprendre. Bonne fin de séjour.
nb: le chien c'est le votre?

Lysisca said...

Bonjour un commentaire en français car je crois comprendre que vous comprenez le français , vos photos sont superbes, elles donnent envie... Je lirai les commentaires plus tard car je ne pense pas maitriser l'anglais vous maitrisez ma langue. Le chien c'est le votre? Il est beau ;-)

Lysisca said...

Dernier commentaire je comprend il faut que vous validez le commentaire pour qu'il s'affichent , je n'avais pas fait attention cela fait juste 30 mn que je m'énerve .... Je ne suis pas française pour rien ;-)

machiventa said...

To Bert

Thanks for your commentary man. I'll be back in a few, I have some stories for you brah, much love man


Merci pour vos commentaires, je les apprecie beaucoup! Et la chienne, c'est pas la mienne. Oui, vous avez raison, ma famille l'adore bien! On sais qu'elle prefere mon pere, il aime l'apporter sur le fleuve. J'espere que vous continuez a lire mon blog. Merci, ciao!