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Friday, August 17, 2007

Presque à la Fin!

Of stage at least! Things have been good, it has been raining a lot. The rain cools it down significantly, but makes it a pain when you're on a bike. That's all I do, ride a bike and sit through alot of tech sessions, language classes, cross-cultural classes. Sometimes it's fun, sometimes it's not.

But, I see the end. Feels like it has been 4 months since I got in-country. The real thing is about to begin. We swear-in as Peace Corps Volunteers in a week, on the 24th. Then a week from Sunday I will get dropped off at my site, in a predominantly Muslim village. The main ethnic group is Fulani. They are the West African herders you may have heard of. They speak
Fulfulde, which I will also be learning at site.

My French is alot better, and it is soon going to be good. I have 5-6 weeks in village before I start teaching, so I will be getting acquainted with the locals, learning French, lesson planning and experimenting, and just hanging out. Mom, I am gonna call on you for a book order and some more packages soon. I hope you can oblige.

Much love and more soon. Hope the temperature is right where ever you be!

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Iraqi Mojo said...

So you'll be teaching Muslim kids. That's great! As a Muslim, I feel like I should thank you, Mac. Merci!

Last night I was talking with my cousin about what is forbidden by fundamentalist Muslims - it's crazy some of the things considered 'haram' by some people - for example ICE has been forbidden by Al Qaeda in Iraq, because ice was not used in the Prophet's time (the 7th century). Hopefully you won't be running into any Al Qaeda types, Mac, but you will no doubt meet many Muslims, and you've already written about the Muezzin. I don't know if the Muezzin will be using a loudspeaker in the town you move to, but if he does, you can argue that the use of a loudspeaker by the Muezzin should be haram (forbidden) because the Prophet Muhammad did not use a loudspeaker!

If you have a good connection and if you have 50 minutes to spare, check out this excellent documentary on global dimming - it has caused famine in Africa before.